What Certain AC Odors Mean

As a homeowner, you have to properly maintain your appliances. A properly-working air conditioner shouldn’t emit a smell. If your air conditioner starts to make noises and smell unpleasant, you need to have it checked immediately. In this post, HVAC maintenance contractor Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating explains the meaning of certain odors that can come from …

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4 Ways to Cool a Windowless Room

A room without windows tends to be hot, especially in the summer. Without proper ventilation, it may seem impossible to cool down a windowless room. Fortunately, there are still effective ways to condition it. In this article, HVAC installation contractor Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating shares four ways to cool a windowless room.

Is Rain a Problem for Your Outdoor HVAC Unit?

HVAC systems almost always have part of the unit located outside, especially split and box-type units. These components are specially-designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, but are they safe from strong rains? Our HVAC maintenance specialists share their insights on the matter here. 

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