A room without windows tends to be hot, especially in the summer. Without proper ventilation, it may seem impossible to cool down a windowless room. Fortunately, there are still effective ways to condition it. In this article, HVAC installation contractor Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating shares four ways to cool a windowless room.

 Windowless Room

Turn off appliances and lights. Your electrical appliances normally radiate heat when plugged in. Appliances that use more energy radiate more heat. It will help your windowless room cool down if you unplug all appliances when not in use. Practice turning off every appliance inside when you leave. This will save you energy and prevent your appliances from generating heat.

Install an air conditioner. Air conditioners are very convenient for cooling down a room. If there’s no window, installing an air conditioner through a wall can work. This type of air conditioner can vent the air out through the wall. A portable air conditioner can work too, but only if the room connects outdoors so you can direct the hose outside. Just make sure to contact a professional for your air conditioning repair and services. 

Install a ceiling fan. To increase circulation in your house, you need to generate air inside. An easy way to do this is to install a fan inside. A fan that can move air around will lessen the heat inside your room. The air movement will prevent stagnant air inside and allow your body and room to cool down. 

Close the door. Closing the door in your windowless room makes it an isolated space. This helps the room stay cooler, especially if appliances that radiate heat are turned off. Leaving the door open can invite heat and light in from outside. Make it a habit to close your door when you leave the room.

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