Whether you live in a warm or a chilly climate, air conditioning and heating service systems are valuable interior features for your home. Having a well-trained expert install your HVAC system will help prevent moisture-related issues, maintain comfort and safety at home and control indoor air quality and proper airflow. 

A Basic Guide to Hiring an HVAC Expert

An HVAC contractor plays an important role in meeting your heating and cooling needs. Consider these helpful tips when making your hiring decision.

  • Set Requirements: Many state licensing agencies require HVAC contractor applicants to have relevant training and experience — usually two to
    five years. This requirement is meant to show that the HVAC installation and repair contractor has a competent understanding of how things like combustion systems, electrical wiring, refrigerant and airflow work together. 
  • Check Licenses: To confirm that you’re working with a legitimate business, you can pull up government websites and check the status of their contractor’s license. You can also ask the company representative what type of license they hold during the initial consultation. 
  • Look for References: It will be helpful to ask neighboring residents if the local heating and air conditioning repair company did a good job on their HVAC systems. Positive reviews and recommendations make it easier to come to a decision about whether or not you should hire a certain company.
  • Ask for Estimates: Due to the varying costs of HVAC equipment and replacement services, it’s smart to get at least three pricing estimates from three different companies. From there, you can compare your options and prioritize the urgent services you need.

Whether you need routine HVAC system maintenance or emergency repair service, turn to Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating. Our dedicated team of professionals will be happy to help you. Call us at (972) 216-1961 or (713) 595-4986. You may also fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency service repair or an estimate on equipment, give us a call.

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