Service appointments let you keep up with your home’s HVAC maintenance requirements and make sure it is working when you need it most. In this blog, Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating answers an often-asked question among homeowners: when should you schedule an HVAC service appointment?

A Quick Guide to HVAC Service Appointments

Why You Need HVAC Service Appointments

Heating and cooling systems are like every other system that has moving parts: they are subject to daily wear and tear, and therefore requires preventative maintenance. These systems, in particular, require regular maintenance conducted by an HVAC professional because of the following reasons:

Keeping the HVAC System In Good Shape — Regular inspections let your HVAC technician spot potential problems and fix them before they get worse. Repairs performed on such minor problems typically cost much less.

Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns — Regular maintenance helps minimize the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. While you can count on Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating to service your air conditioners and gas furnaces with our 24/7 emergency service, having a reliable HVAC system that you can count on at any time is better.

Keep Your Warranty Coverage Valid — Before HVAC manufacturers can approve a warranty claim, they will require proof that you have been keeping up with required maintenance, otherwise your coverage would be void. Keeping up with regular HVAC maintenance helps you keep your maintenance coverage valid until it expires.

When Should You Schedule Service Appointments?

Ideally, service appointments should be scheduled twice a year: once for your air conditioner, in preparation for the summer season. Another, for your heating system, in preparation for the colder months. Additionally, the house ductwork should be cleaned and resealed every 5 years. Signing up for planned maintenance agreements and service appointments can save you a lot of effort in keeping track of your HVAC maintenance schedule.

Preparing for Your Service Appointment

Once you have booked your HVAC service appointment, there are a few things that you can do to make the appointment easy and efficient. Sweep or blow leaves and debris away from the outdoor unit, taking care not to hit the aluminum fins. Clear the area around both indoor and outdoor units, as well as the furnace, and move any object that may obstruct access to them.

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