Winter’s just around the corner, so you’ll need to prepare your HVAC system for the upcoming season. This means proper care and maintenance to ensure that it runs as well as possible. In fact, your HVAC unit should be serviced at least twice every year: once in the fall to prepare your unit for winter, and once in the spring to prepare it for summer. Otherwise, it may not reach the end of its expected lifespan, and you might end up paying for more than an air conditioning repair.

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Make sure you hire the right air conditioning repair and maintenance contractor to take care of your system. Only trusted professionals are able to address common fall indoor air quality problems such as:

Mold buildup. Mold is toxic, and capable of making anyone become sick if exposed to its presence for too long. When you take advantage of our services, we’ll first address excessive moisture buildup in your home, which usually comes from leaks in your roof, steam from your shower and condensation from cheap, inefficient windows. Turning on your kitchen exhaust fan whenever you’re cooking also helps prevent moisture buildup, as does using your bathroom exhaust fan when showering.

Alternating temperatures. The weather can be very fickle in the fall. Conserving energy won’t be easy if you’re still relying on a manual thermostat; switching back and forth between heating and cooling can overwork your system, which results in poor efficiency and bad indoor air quality. 

Having a smart thermostat paired with your HVAC installation is much more convenient; it actually allows you to program a variety of temperatures throughout the day, and since smart thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled, it can check the weather forecast and adjust accordingly.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals that are present in many household items. They’re commonly found in many store-bought items such as paints, paint removers, varnishes, aerosol sprays, paraffin candles and cleaning liquids. These chemicals are also dangerous to breathe in and can affect your home’s indoor air quality. 

The presence of VOCs in your indoor air is preventable, but it depends on your own preferences, so we suggest switching to using items with natural ingredients. You can even make your own cleaners using water, white vinegar and baking soda!

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