Summer is a critical time for your air conditioning unit since it’s in charge of keeping your home cool and comfortable during this season. Several factors can cause it to fail at the worst possible time, however, so here are some tips from our air conditioning repair experts to ensure your unit will keep running smoothly and efficiently.

Clean the Unit Regularly

Dust is an AC unit’s worst enemy. Any buildup of dirt and debris on the air conditioner’s filters or cooling fins will inhibit the system’s ability to draw in and cool air. To make things worse, the buildup will also cause the AC to compensate by using more power, increasing wear and tear on the system. If you’re using a centralized unit, you may also need to have the ducts checked for signs of blockage.

Keep Things Consistent

Your AC unit will activate and shut off depending on your preferred indoor target temperature. If you keep messing with the controls, it will end up running more often than it should. An overworked AC is more likely to fail, so HVAC installation experts recommend keeping the settings at a constant temperature.

Check Your Insulation

There are times when the problem lies in another part of your home rather than with the unit itself. Drafty windows and doors or damaged wall insulation can force the AC to work around the clock because cool air keeps seeping out of your home. To combat this, replace old windows and switch to better attic or wall insulation; your home must have a good seal around it to provide the best results.

Have Your Unit Checked by the Pros

Just as with other complex machines in your home, your AC unit will greatly benefit from regular professional inspections. Air conditioning and heating service experts can check if your unit has any worn-our components or if it still has enough refrigerant circulating in the system. For best results, have your unit checked once a year, preferably before the start of summer.

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