When it comes to HVAC repairs, it’s proper practice to phone a technician for service. However, there are exceptions to this rule. There are certain “broken” parts of your heating and cooling system you can fix on your own without having to tinker with the inner workings of the equipment and expose yourself to shock and fire hazards.

HVAC Troubleshooting: The Primary Components to Check

In Sherrell Air’s book, below are the primary things you should check to restore your system’s functionality without having to call an HVAC maintenance technician.


Incorrect thermostat settings are usually behind mysterious HVAC malfunctions. The thermostat monitors the temperature of the ambient air in your home, instructing the system to produce warm air when it gets too chilly or cold air when it gets too hot. If your thermostat isn’t set to a desirable temperature, you shouldn’t be surprised if your HVAC equipment underperforms.

Furthermore, make sure your thermostat doesn’t have a power issue. Check to be certain the batteries are good if it doesn’t seem to be responding to you. To avoid encountering improper temperature settings in the future, experts in air conditioners and gas furnaces would advise you to program your device accordingly.


Obstructed returns or air registers could choke your HVAC system. Locate each of these vents and make sure that nothing is blocking any of them. This should allow your heating and cooling equipment to receive an adequate supply of air to heat or cool your home and be distributed to areas where it’s needed.

Air Filters

Anyone who knows a thing or two about air cleaners understands that proper filter maintenance is a must. Air filters are bound to get dirty, so they should be washed or replaced or as per manufacturer instructions. In cases where your indoor air is more polluted than usual, like during an interior home improvement, you may have to give each of your HVAC system’s filters extra attention.

If there seems like there’s nothing wrong with any of the said components but your heating or cooling equipment is still acting strangely, consult Sherrell Air. Call us at (713) 595-4986 or (972) 216-1961 to schedule a service call at your earliest convenience and receive an estimate.

Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency service repair or an estimate on equipment, give us a call.

Sherrell Air Conditioning and Heating is ready to serve you.

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