Whenever the weather starts getting cooler as summer winds down and fall approaches, many homeowners decide to turn off their air conditioning system and just open a window instead. But is it actually a good idea to depend on natural ventilation to keep your home cool and comfortable? Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating, a trusted cooling and heating service provider in the area, discusses the answer to this question here.

Should You Keep Your Windows Open?

Here’s one excellent advantage of opening your windows: fresh, cooling breezes are able to circulate throughout your house. Because you won’t be relying on your AC unit to keep your living spaces cool and comfortable, you’ll also see greater energy savings. But this solution does have a downside: the damp weather during the cooler season may increase indoor humidity levels. If you live in a busy, crowded neighborhood, keeping your windows open allows pollen, dirt, dust and other pollutants to enter your home, as well. 

Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating, the premier HVAC installation company in the area, suggests you leave your windows open only when the weather isn’t damp or exceedingly cold. You don’t even have to open them all the way, in fact–cracking them open a few inches is enough to let in a cooling breeze. But if you absolutely have to leave a window open, make sure to open another unit across the room to ensure better airflow. 

Should You Leave Your HVAC System Running?

It might be a wiser decision to just keep your HVAC system running even when the weather starts getting cooler. Here’s why–opening your windows can make your room overly cold. This can offset the energy you might have saved when you opened your windows because your HVAC system will then have to consume more energy to bring your home back to the desired temperature. What’s more, keeping your windows closed and leaving your AC on will enable you to avoid exposure to outdoor pollutants. 

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