So one room in your home is perfectly warm and cozy, but the next one is bitterly cold. What gives? It’s no secret that uneven heating can compromise your comfort during the winter months. Fortunately, Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating, home to top-rated air cleaners and heating specialists, has several solutions that can resolve your temperature problem.

Uneven Heating in Your Home

    • Blocked vents — Many homeowners accidentally obstruct the airflow of their HVAC unit with furniture and are then puzzled as to why one living area is colder than the other. When one room is too cold for your liking, take a closer look at the placement of your household items. Vents need several feet of space to properly distribute treated air, so make sure there’s no furniture or curtains covering them.

    • Dirty filters — Air filters caked with dirt and dust act like blocked vents. When filters are clogged with debris, air cannot pass through as easily. This forces the furnace or heating system to work harder to produce heated air. The good thing is that you can easily prevent this issue by observing proper HVAC maintenance and changing your air filter every three months.

    • Drafty rooms — A room can become cold due to drafts around the house. Determine if your house is drafty by conducting a simple draft inspection. Listen for rattling and whistling noises, especially when there are high winds, and take the time to feel for moving air around doors and windows. You can deal with any drafts by installing weatherstripping or applying caulk.

    • Incorrect HVAC size— Another potential reason behind uneven heating is an incorrectly-sized furnace or heater. If the temperature differentiation only occurs in the winter with your heating, there’s a chance that your HVAC system is the wrong size for your home. To correct this, call a local technician to do a load calculation and identify the appropriate size of furnace you need.


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