Setting the right temperature and selecting the correct mode will greatly help improve your HVAC system’s efficiency, but some homeowners disagree about which mode is more efficient during hotter weather. Some argue that setting the unit on Auto is the way to go, while others say that setting it to Cool is much more efficient. So which one should you choose? Our team of HVAC maintenance professionals weighs in on the matter here. 

Setting the AC to Auto or Cool

Auto Mode

In order to understand either AC setting, you need to know how the unit works. The air conditioner works in two ways: it cools the air, then blows it out and into the room. The Auto setting will have the unit blow the air while also cooling it until it reaches a certain temperature, after which it will stop cooling the air and focus on circulating it.

Cool Mode

According to experts on air conditioners and gas furnaces, Cool mode is basically like a more consistent mode for your HVAC system. As with Auto, the AC cools and blows the air. However, the unit will keep cooling it in Cool mode. This may seem energy intensive, but regularly turning the cooling off and on in Auto mode can actually use up more energy as the unit tries to bring down the room temperature.

Auto for Regular Days

Experts say that the best time to use your AC’s Auto mode is on cloudy days, when the temperature outside isn’t that hot, or if the house has excellent insulation. This is because it takes longer for the outside temperature to affect the temperature indoors, and the HVAC system doesn’t have to activate its cooling component as often.

Cool for Hotter Days

Air cleaning providers say that even with a great ventilation system, you should consider running the HVAC system on Cool mode on hotter days or if your home’s insulation isn’t as good. This is because the air heats up faster, forcing the HVAC system’s cooling mechanism to kick on more frequently, using up more energy. With the HVAC system on Cool mode, you still use up energy, but not as much as you would with one that keeps restarting over a similar period of time.

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