Hurricane season brings a number of factors that can affect the performance of your HVAC system. While there’s always the possibility of a hurricane causing major damage to your system, it still helps to have a few HVAC practices that can help minimize the risk of problems occurring during hurricane season. Check out these tips from our team of air conditioning repair experts.

HVAC Practices During Hurricane Season

Keep the surrounding area clear. Hurricanes bring high winds, which in turn bring leaves and other debris that can get into your HVAC unit’s outdoor enclosure. You can minimize the risk of leaves jamming the fan by making sure nearby foliage is trimmed on a regular basis.

Get rid of mud and dirt. Over time, mud and dirt can get caked on the HVAC system’s cooling fins. This can affect its efficiency, especially when it’s raining and there’s a lot of mud splashing about. HVAC installation experts recommend making sure that the unit is cleaned ASAP if you think there’s a lot of dirt buildup in the outer components’ enclosure.

Don’t use during thunderstorms. When it storms, you should consider powering down your HVAC unit. Make sure the unit is unplugged to prevent a power surge from causing serious electrical damage to the unit. You can resume using the HVAC system once the weather clears up (or at least when the lightning dies down).

Enter “maintenance mode” after the storm. Your HVAC system’s vents can accumulate mold due to the humidity brought about by a hurricane. Once it’s safe to do so, activate your HVAC system to keep air circulating and dry out your vents. According to air conditioning and heating service experts, you should also make sure vent outlets are free of wind-blown debris and dirt in general.

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