When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, there are a lot of options to choose from. One of these options, although common in other parts of the world, make up less than five percent of the American market — ductless HVAC or mini-split units. In the United States, these are mostly found in residential applications, but according to many HVAC installation companies, they’re also a viable option for commercial spaces. 

HVAC Systems

The Pros 

As the name suggests, mini-split air conditioning systems don’t require any kind of ductwork, which makes them a breeze to install, especially in an existing building. They act as an air conditioner as well as a heater that can work in most climate zones. 

The cost of cooling your space can also be reduced by up to 30 percent due to the elimination of duct temperature loss. Since these units are both heaters and air conditioners, they can easily be maintained by AC and heating service professionals. 

The Cons

One main downside to ductless HVAC systems is that their initial cost can be higher than it would be to simply replace a conventional HVAC system. After all, the need for multiple mini-split units can result in considerable HVAC expenses for your business. Ductless units are also more exposed and visible, although many people seem to forget that they’re there soon after they’re installed. 

Overall, ductless HVAC systems have many great benefits that far outweigh any negatives. Even if they do cost more upfront, you can enjoy significant savings in reduced energy consumption in the long run.

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