While it’s relatively easy to find information on the internet about pretty much anything, a series of video tutorials on HVAC installation and maintenance is no substitute for the training and experience a certified HVAC technician has. Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t take the DIY route when it comes to your heating and cooling systems.

HVAC Repairs

HVAC repairs and installations require personal protective equipment. Undertaking an HVAC repair or installation without sufficient knowledge and the right set of tools will not only compromise the performance of the system, but may also put yourself or others at risk. For instance, HVAC systems rely on high-voltage electricity to operate, and if you lack the experience and equipment to handle this safely, you may cause sparks, burning wires and other forms of damage. In the end, the cost of medical bills can far outweigh the amount you might have saved by trying to fix or install an HVAC system on your own.


Troubleshooting is often a challenging task. When tackling a heating service repair, for example, you need to perform a thorough inspection to accurately determine the cause of the issue. While you might be mechanically inclined, the years of in-depth training HVAC technicians have enables them to detect problems that need immediate attention and acquire the technical know-how needed to resolve them.


You might lose your service warranties. Most heating and cooling system manufacturers provide strong warranties on their equipment. However, attempting to carry out a repair on your own or using the incorrect parts can easily cancel out these warranties. If you void your warranties, you should be prepared to fork over hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for any professional service you may need in the future.


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