As a homeowner, you have to properly maintain your appliances. A properly-working air conditioner shouldn’t emit a smell. If your air conditioner starts to make noises and smell unpleasant, you need to have it checked immediately. In this post, HVAC maintenance contractor Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating explains the meaning of certain odors that can come from air conditioners.

 Odor of Your AC

If It Smells Like Chemicals

A chemical-like smell from your air conditioner isn’t a good sign. If it smells like paint thinner or a bit sweet, this smell can indicate that your air conditioner’s refrigerant may be leaking. Refrigerant is what your appliance uses to shift heat through copper coils. These can leak when worn out due to aging. A refrigerant leak can also cause a bubbling sound or ice on the evaporator coil.

If It Smells Musty

Does your AC smell like dirty socks or a stinky locker room? A musty smell from your air conditioner is caused by mold or mildew buildup on its evaporator coil. Mold and mildew have bacteria that cause the smell. Condensation can also contribute to the musty smell. This problem is common in areas where a furnace is used for heating at night, then the AC is switched on to cool things down later in the morning. It’s best to hire a trusted local HVAC contractor who can help address the smell and suggest effective air cleaners.

If It Smells Like Burning Plastic

A smell of burning plastic can be alarming. In this case, you need to have your AC inspected immediately for electrical trouble. Your air conditioner’s capacitor could be broken and causing the motor to overheat. You should consider your fan belt as well. Electrical problems in your air conditioner can lead to a fire and electric shock. It’s advised to schedule regular cleanings and inspections of your air conditioner to avoid these kinds of issues.

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