It’s not uncommon for people to have misconceptions about air conditioners. Oftentimes homeowners think that the bigger the system is, the faster and more effective it will be at cooling their space. However, air conditioners don’t work that way. Their size should be based on the size of the room where the air conditioning unit will be installed since different spaces have specific cooling requirements.

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Furthermore, using the wrong size of air conditioner can cause problems with your cooling system and ultimately affect your indoor comfort. In this post, Sherrell Air Conditioning & Heating — a trusted expert in air conditioners and gas furnaces — discusses why you should avoid an oversized air conditioner.

Your air conditioner will cycle too often. Each cycle of an efficiently-operating air conditioner usually lasts between seven and 10 minutes. An oversized air conditioner, however, will cause the system to short cycle after introducing an initial burst of cold air into the space. When your air conditioner short cycles, there’s a risk that the system will overheat since the air conditioner tends to become overworked during these short cycles. Make sure to have your home measured for the correct size of air conditioner to avoid short cycles.

Your cooling bills will increase. An oversized air conditioner works harder to cool spaces, which often results in higher energy bills. You may notice this more in the summer when hot weather requires you to run your air conditioner day and night. If your electric bills have increased and your home doesn’t feel any cooler, you can call an HVAC maintenance expert to assess your air conditioner and the cooling requirements of your home.

Your home will have hot spots. An oversized air conditioner can create hotspots throughout your house. These hot spots are mainly the result of inconsistent cooling when cold air isn’t dispersed throughout the house efficiently. You’ll know that there are hot spots in your home if there are rooms that feel cool and comfortable while others seem hot and humid.

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